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Sep 21

“Tales From the Alaskan Side” Published!

thirty one stories to entertain you

Friends, Guess what?! I just published my next book, Tales From the Alaskan Side, over at Duct Tape Press and Evergreen Mountain Publishing. Its thirty one tall tales and thought provoking essays of the biggest, prettiest, and most diverse state in the USA, stories that I wrote and gathered during my time working, traveling, and …

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May 09

Gas prices are climbing again…

With gas prices starting to climb again, author Tim Benedict has relaunched his popular book/ebook, once again telling people tons of ways to improve their gas mileage, in almost any vehicle they own. And yes, he includes ways to double, triple, and/or even go completely grid-fuel free forever. You need to check it out over …

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Mar 17

Painful run-in with Scammers at Turnkey PR

If anyone ever wants to try out crowdfunding for some personal or business project, be very careful who you get to help publicize your project campaign. After a bit of preliminary research, I contracted with TurnkeyPR myself, to help out my kickstarter campaign for a book I’m writing and talk about over at book. …

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Feb 04

New book being written using crowd funding kickstarter!

Tim’s (T Russell Benedict) latest project includes getting his next book funded through kickstarter. It’s the book he began researching 4 years ago entitled “An Ancient Nuclear War & A Cover Up of Historical Proportions”. Read more about it both here ( and here ( Pre-order your copy today!

May 29

Author Starts His Own Publishing Company

Here’s something that should be interesting to all of those aspiring authors out there. A new publishing imprint by the name of Evergreen Mountain Publishing, located in the beautiful little town of Garden Valley in the mountains of Idaho, has announced that they are ready for business.Started and operated by a professional author and editor …

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