Books By Tim (as of May 2014) 

Books by T. Russell Benedict (available both in hardcopy on the web, and ebook download – some of them even on/from Amazon Kindle – available either now or coming soon).


Available NOW!

 Exploring the Innocence of God – Explore a character trait of God that isn’t talked about very often.

170 Plus Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage – Every tip, trick, tweak, mod, and technology that I could find.

Energy Independence For All The Rest Of Us – The 16 Pillars of Off-Grid Living and Energy Independence…

101 Web Traffic Generators – Over a hundred different strategies and ideas to generate website traffic.

Website Traffic in 30 Days – An internet marketing guide for newbies, and 30-day plan to follow.


Sparks of War – Book 1, Broken Power Trilogy – AI’s, pirates, aliens, and a group of friends all duke it out.

Coming Soon!

Book 2, Broken Power Trilogy – The war expands, and seeds of betrayal are sown.

Book 3, Broken Power Trilogy – A war to touch all six races, and the final sacrifice.

Brother of Mine – (Youth) – Two brothers at odds over a girl, starships, treasure, and the fate of the world.

Across the Wall– (Youth)- Four friends escape a fascist orphanage and struggle to survive in the wild.

Through the Fires – (Bio) – Ten year snapshot of my life, incl. house fires, moves, marriage, miracles, etc.

In Process…

Ancient Nuclear War – Evidence of high technology and war in ancient times. A new look at human history.

Book 1, The Annuls of Krysolarus – A boy grows up, a world is found, and a kingdom falls…

Book 2, The Annuls of Krysolarus – Enemies, both on and off world, threaten the peace…

Book 3, The Annuls of Krysolarus – Sacrifices, betrayals, loves lost and found, and new beginnings…

A Stable Man – A study I led for a local youth ranch, where men-in-training learned how to BE men.

The Languages of Respect – My answer to, and continued exploration of, the “Five Love Languages” idea.