May 29

Author Starts His Own Publishing Company

Here’s something that should be interesting to all of those aspiring authors out there. A new publishing imprint by the name of Evergreen Mountain Publishing, located in the beautiful little town of Garden Valley in the mountains of Idaho, has announced that they are ready for business.

Started and operated by a professional author and editor named Tim Benedict of http://www.TimsBooks.net, Evergreen Mountain Publishing, or EMP for short, is reaching out to all the new authors out there, to offer them professional services normally only available through much bigger publishers houses and literary agents. The EMP team says that if they accept your manuscript, they will take it all the way through the publishing process, from editing and formatting, cover design and printing, to Amazon Kindle publication and distribution, limited print runs, and even online marketing and website setup.

In short, catering to the needs of aspiring, brand new, or low print run authors, Evergreen Mountain Publishing is looking to work with authors that either can’t, haven’t, or don’t want to go the “Big Publisher” route. From editing, formatting and printing, to Amazon Kindle publishing and website creation and marketing, EMP can do it all.

 While they do not offer any advance royalties, and their services generally carry associated fees with them, they do offer decent and negotiable profit sharing royalties on sales, and can occasionally even waive their fees for the right manuscript. So whether you just simply need a print shop to print a number of copies your mother’s recipe collection for a Bridge Club Fund Raiser, or you hope you have the next Star Trek  blockbuster in the rough, EMP is willing to take a look at your material. 

So whatever your needs are, Evergreen Mountain Publishing has opened its doors and is ready for your business. See them over at http://www.EvergreenMountainPublishing.com.

Author Starts His Own Publishing Company by