May 22

Book just published on Amazon Kindle

Earlier this week, the author Timothy Russell Benedict announced the publication of his book “Exploring the Innocence of God”, on Amazon Kindle, a milestone in his writing career. Over a year in the writing, this book then languished for several years before Tim was able to finally get it polished and brought to market.

Through the course of twelve, easy-to-read chapters, Tim discusses the nature of God’s simple innocence, then takes us on a trip through a number of different aspects of God’s character as they each relate back to His innocence. How does His innocence relate to His holiness, His mercy, His justice, His desire to reclaim his wayward children, and more? If we understand His innocence, many of His other character traits also begin to make more sense. God is not hard to understand, once we begin to truly grasp the various character traits that make up His being. And underlying them all, is a simple innocence that should bring us into a deeper reverence and awe of the sheer purity of character that makes up our Lord.

So go check out the book over at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KAGOME4, and prepare to be challenged. You won’t walk away from reading this material empty handed.
Book just published on Amazon Kindle by