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T. Russell Benedict grew up in Boise, Idaho, the oldest of four, in a family that was very “low income”. Nevertheless, they played together, prayed together, lived in South America for two years together while Dad Benedict helped build a mission hospital, and just in general enjoyed life together. He started writing in high school, and hasn't stopped since. Science fiction, fantasy, how-to, self-help, spiritual, Tim has written in all of these areas, drawing from diverse job experiences and many varied interests. Currently residing in Southern Idaho with his wife and children, he continues to put out about one new book each year, while still working in other careers and projects on the side.

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  1. Tales From the Alaskan Side — November 28, 2017
  2. “Tales From the Alaskan Side” Published! — September 21, 2017
  3. Gas prices are climbing again… — May 9, 2016
  4. Painful run-in with Scammers at Turnkey PR — March 17, 2016
  5. Sicence Fiction Trilogy Published! — February 4, 2016

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Nov 28

Tales From the Alaskan Side

It’s finally here! Tim’s travelogue of his time spent up in Alaska working and exploring. It’s thirty one stories and essays about his experiences there, his thoughts, things that happened to him and/or friends, and in general just a deeper insight into the things that make the great state of Alaska tick. Whether it’s the …

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Sep 21

“Tales From the Alaskan Side” Published!

thirty one stories to entertain you

Friends, Guess what?! I just published my next book, Tales From the Alaskan Side, over at Duct Tape Press and Evergreen Mountain Publishing. Its thirty one tall tales and thought provoking essays of the biggest, prettiest, and most diverse state in the USA, stories that I wrote and gathered during my time working, traveling, and …

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May 09

Gas prices are climbing again…

With gas prices starting to climb again, author Tim Benedict has relaunched his popular book/ebook, once again telling people tons of ways to improve their gas mileage, in almost any vehicle they own. And yes, he includes ways to double, triple, and/or even go completely grid-fuel free forever. You need to check it out over …

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Mar 17

Painful run-in with Scammers at Turnkey PR

If anyone ever wants to try out crowdfunding for some personal or business project, be very careful who you get to help publicize your project campaign. After a bit of preliminary research, I contracted with TurnkeyPR myself, to help out my kickstarter campaign for a book I’m writing and talk about over at http://www.AncientNuclearWar.com book. …

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Feb 04

Sicence Fiction Trilogy Published!


Broken Power Science Fiction Trilogy – a man and woman in a gritty, ugly universe, find themselves caught up the struggle between good and evil (on a galactic scale), and have to make a choice once and for all, who to serve: Yahweh Lord of life, or Lucifer lord of death.Sparks of War (book1) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KTE1Y0WStones …

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