• Tales From the Alaskan Side

    November 28, 2017

    It’s finally here! Tim’s travelogue of his time spent up in Alaska working and exploring. It’s thirty one stories and essays about his experiences there, his thoughts, things that happened to him and/or friends, and in general just a deeper insight into the things that make the great state of Alaska tick. Whether it’s the story of the plugged up bear, or the rescue of a damsel in distress, these are campfire stories that will either make you laugh so hard your sides will hurt, or make you so angry you could spit. These just aren’t your typical stories. Take the story of the miracle on the Kuskokwim River for example, a white knuckle hair-raiser that actually happened to Tim while driving the river ice roads one winter. You just won’t find stories quite like this anywhere else, each one with its own “moral of the story” included. It’s Alaska in all her beauty, her shame, and her spirit. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Alaska someday, or know someone who wants to, you need to get this book. Why? It also includes abundant “Tips for Surviving Alaska” interspersed throughout the stories. So not only will you know what you are getting into, you’ll be prepared with tips that might just, at worst, save your life, and if nothing else, make you more appreciative of the things you see and experience for yourself while there. Get your copy today on Amazon at in either paperback or kindle versions!
  • “Tales From the Alaskan Side” Published!

    September 21, 2017


    Guess what?! I just published my next book, Tales From the Alaskan Side, over at Duct Tape Press and Evergreen Mountain Publishing.

    Its thirty one tall tales and thought provoking essays of the biggest, prettiest, and most diverse state in the USA, stories that I wrote and gathered during my time working, traveling, and exploring Alaska over the last several years.

    Some stories will make you laugh till you cry, while some of them will just make you cry. Its Alaska revealed, in all of her glory, indignity, awesome beauty, and craziness. I guarantee you wont read another book about Alaska, quite like this one.

    So if you have ever pondered about what exactly makes Alaska Alaska, or have even thought that you would like to visit there yourself someday, you gotta get this book first, if for nothing else than to educate yourself on the Tips for Surviving Alaska, and the Morals of the Storys that I include at the end of each chapter!

    So come on over and get your copy today at

    tim benedict
    aka T. Russell Benedict
    thirty one stories to entertain you

    Tales from the Alaskan Side

  • Gas prices are climbing again…

    May 9, 2016

    With gas prices starting to climb again, author Tim Benedict has relaunched his popular book/ebook, once again telling people tons of ways to improve their gas mileage, in almost any vehicle they own. And yes, he includes ways to double, triple, and/or even go completely grid-fuel free forever. You need to check it out over at
  • Painful run-in with Scammers at Turnkey PR

    March 17, 2016

    If anyone ever wants to try out crowdfunding for some personal or business project, be very careful who you get to help publicize your project campaign. After a bit of preliminary research, I contracted with TurnkeyPR myself, to help out my kickstarter campaign for a book I’m writing and talk about over at book.
    Oops. Wrong choice. They turned out to be very accomplished scam artists.
    Their pet “angle” on crowdfunding awareness raising was to supposedly send out hundreds or thousands of TARGETED Press Releases all over the world. And they all but guaranteed that they could blanket the media with enough press releases that my campaign’s success was all but sure “Completely realistic” was their exact words. 
    And because I couldn’t market the campaign myself due to being out of town for almost two months, I needed help, so I decided to try their service. And now, $500 poorer and a failed campaign later, I find that their “press release campaign” resulted in one whole big whopping dollar ($1) in new funding on my Ancient Nuclear War book project.
    The “kicker” (pun intended) was when TurnkeyPR then sent me a “end-of-campaign report” at the end of the failed project supposedly proving that they had somehow generated over 2,000 new, TARGETED clicks directly to my kickstarter campaign page. Unfortunately, as I studied the report, I discovered that it was full of entirely bogus data. You see, I’m already an internet marketer, webmaster, and web developer, and I already knew what kind of response to expect from a press release campaign of the size they were promising. But they didn’t just fail to deliver, they were abysmally horrible in their results. To top that off, their apparently completely pre-fabricated, boiler-plate report was including clicks that they simply could not have captured unless they had been given server or javascript access directly to the campaign site page on the kickstarter server  (which believe me, I never gave them).
    Then just to make sure that I wasn’t the one being paranoid, I went looking all across the internet, using multiple tools and search engines, for some of their supposed press releases, somewhere/anywhere, and some indication that they had done what they said they would do (send out press releases all around the world). And I couldn’t find a single blinking one. NONE.
    So I went back to TurnkeyPR and pointed these problems out and asked for a refund. And guess what. I haven’t heard a word back from them. But am I surprised? Not really. I would expect nothing less from a scam company. So… Be ye hereby forewarned, that the folks over at Turnkey PR (Tom, Jessica, Ian) are con artists. Avoid them. Run, don’t walk, AWAY. Talk to them at your own risk.
    That’s my caution of the day to anyone considering crowdfunding for some personal project. Be cautious about who you pay to help you.
    -a poorer but wiser soul…
  • Sicence Fiction Trilogy Published!

    February 4, 2016

    sowcover4soscover4 roccover5
    Broken Power Science Fiction Trilogy – a man and woman in a gritty, ugly universe, find themselves caught up the struggle between good and evil (on a galactic scale), and have to make a choice once and for all, who to serve: Yahweh Lord of life, or Lucifer lord of death.

    Sparks of War (book1)
    Stones of Silence (book2)

    Ripples of Consequence (book3)

    Check them out today!
  • New book being written using crowd funding kickstarter!

    February 4, 2016

    Tim’s (T Russell Benedict) latest project includes getting his next book funded through kickstarter. It’s the book he began researching 4 years ago entitled “An Ancient Nuclear War & A Cover Up of Historical Proportions”. Read more about it both here ( and here ( Pre-order your copy today!
  • Energy Independence For The Rest Of Us – Now On Kindle

    May 29, 2014

    The Author Tim Benedict is happy to announce that a second book of his, “Energy Independence For The Rest Of Us – Get Started Living Green and Off The Grid” has now been published over in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. He says it was quite the process figuring out all the formatting issues intrinsic to Kindle publishing, but through persistence, and a little direct html editing, he got it done, and it is now available.

    For someone wanting to learn the steps of going off grid and living a self-sufficient life in today’s world, this is THE book to get. Starting from scratch, it covers the basics, ALL of them, in order to give you a working foundation from which anyone can begin to understand everything involved in completely disconnecting from the grid and living free. It covers everything from the 16 pillars of off-grid living, to special sections on understanding and using alternate energy and power systems like solar, hydro, wind, and more.

    It’s all here. All the basics. If you want to have a good solid understanding of how everything ties together, and how to live grid-free, then this is THE book to start your education with. It gives you the big overall framework that you need to understand in order to successfully implement a working self sufficient solution, without losing your shirt in the process. Start here, and you won’t be sorry.
  • Popular Gas Mileage Ebook Updated Yet Again

    May 29, 2014

    Maintaining its place at the top of the pile, the popular ebook “170 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage” has been updated yet again with several more new tips and ideas for getting better gas mileage. Now named, “170 Plus Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage”, the new version raises the bar yet again on the competitors trying to keep up. You simply won’t find about resource available anywhere on the internet today that contains this many tips, tricks, tweaks, mods, and technologies that YOU can use to get better gas mileage for yourself and your family. So please come on over to to get your copy today, and find out how YOU too can throw away your energy concerns and cruise into town getting up to double better gas mileage than what you get right now.
  • Author Starts His Own Publishing Company

    May 29, 2014

    Here’s something that should be interesting to all of those aspiring authors out there. A new publishing imprint by the name of Evergreen Mountain Publishing, located in the beautiful little town of Garden Valley in the mountains of Idaho, has announced that they are ready for business.

    Started and operated by a professional author and editor named Tim Benedict of, Evergreen Mountain Publishing, or EMP for short, is reaching out to all the new authors out there, to offer them professional services normally only available through much bigger publishers houses and literary agents. The EMP team says that if they accept your manuscript, they will take it all the way through the publishing process, from editing and formatting, cover design and printing, to Amazon Kindle publication and distribution, limited print runs, and even online marketing and website setup.

    In short, catering to the needs of aspiring, brand new, or low print run authors, Evergreen Mountain Publishing is looking to work with authors that either can’t, haven’t, or don’t want to go the “Big Publisher” route. From editing, formatting and printing, to Amazon Kindle publishing and website creation and marketing, EMP can do it all.

     While they do not offer any advance royalties, and their services generally carry associated fees with them, they do offer decent and negotiable profit sharing royalties on sales, and can occasionally even waive their fees for the right manuscript. So whether you just simply need a print shop to print a number of copies your mother’s recipe collection for a Bridge Club Fund Raiser, or you hope you have the next Star Trek  blockbuster in the rough, EMP is willing to take a look at your material. 

    So whatever your needs are, Evergreen Mountain Publishing has opened its doors and is ready for your business. See them over at

  • Book just published on Amazon Kindle

    May 22, 2014

    Earlier this week, the author Timothy Russell Benedict announced the publication of his book “Exploring the Innocence of God”, on Amazon Kindle, a milestone in his writing career. Over a year in the writing, this book then languished for several years before Tim was able to finally get it polished and brought to market.

    Through the course of twelve, easy-to-read chapters, Tim discusses the nature of God’s simple innocence, then takes us on a trip through a number of different aspects of God’s character as they each relate back to His innocence. How does His innocence relate to His holiness, His mercy, His justice, His desire to reclaim his wayward children, and more? If we understand His innocence, many of His other character traits also begin to make more sense. God is not hard to understand, once we begin to truly grasp the various character traits that make up His being. And underlying them all, is a simple innocence that should bring us into a deeper reverence and awe of the sheer purity of character that makes up our Lord.

    So go check out the book over at, and prepare to be challenged. You won’t walk away from reading this material empty handed.