Feb 04

Updated Gas Mileage eBook Released

Garden Valley, Idaho February 4th, 2014

The author and inventor Tim Benedict is pleased to announce the publication of his newly updated, easy to read, in-depth ebook, that details over 170 tips, products, and technologies that anyone can use to improve their overall gas mileage, get better emissions and even increase their horsepower.

At its core, this new book focuses most of its information in five different key areas of possible modification. You see, Tim suspected that everyone would really like to get better gas mileage, but that not everyone really understands how to make it happen, from a big picture standpoint. Too many people focus on simple, one or two sided-things, without ever getting into the other three or four spokes of the wheel. Sure, focusing on one aspect at a time will usually get some results, but it’s not until you address all five spokes at the same time that truly impressive gains in gas mileage can be realized, according to Tim. That’s why he decided to update his popular ebook originally released as a basic, short ebook ’26 Tips to Getting up to 50% Better Gas Mileage’, to the newly updated, 100+ page version called simply ‘Over 170 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage.’

In short, by focusing on a “whole-car approach” and addressing all five of these things in the process of getting better gas mileage, Tim claims that it is easy to improve the mileage in almost any combustion based engine available, whether it be gasoline or diesel, big or small. That’s what he is trying to show us. By focusing time and attention on 1. The Driver Factor, 2. The Mechanics of the Car Itself, 3. The Intake Air, 4. The Fuel Going In, and 5. The Exhaust System, someone using this book can design and implement a full-car gas mileage improvement system that some people apparently have used to double their mileage (or more), and cut their monthly gasoline bill in half.
So if you want to know more about how to work with all five aspects of improving the gas mileage of almost any vehicle, this in depth ebook is available for you at http://www.HowToGetBetterGasMileage.com. Written by the inventor Tim Benedict.

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