May 29

Energy Independence For The Rest Of Us – Now On Kindle

The Author Tim Benedict is happy to announce that a second book of his, “Energy Independence For The Rest Of Us – Get Started Living Green and Off The Grid” has now been published over in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. He says it was quite the process figuring out all the formatting issues intrinsic to Kindle publishing, but through persistence, and a little direct html editing, he got it done, and it is now available.

For someone wanting to learn the steps of going off grid and living a self-sufficient life in today’s world, this is THE book to get. Starting from scratch, it covers the basics, ALL of them, in order to give you a working foundation from which anyone can begin to understand everything involved in completely disconnecting from the grid and living free. It covers everything from the 16 pillars of off-grid living, to special sections on understanding and using alternate energy and power systems like solar, hydro, wind, and more.

It’s all here. All the basics. If you want to have a good solid understanding of how everything ties together, and how to live grid-free, then this is THE book to start your education with. It gives you the big overall framework that you need to understand in order to successfully implement a working self sufficient solution, without losing your shirt in the process. Start here, and you won’t be sorry. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KDZI43W
Energy Independence For The Rest Of Us – Now On Kindle by